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Hagerstown Hispanic Festival shares culture with all

by Ajoya Long   |   September 28, 2017



































A variety of cultural influences in music can be heard through each note played by showband Armonia Latina.


The band will perform Sunday, Oct. 1, at the 11th annual Hagerstown Hispanic Festival at Fairgrounds Park in Hagerstown. Armonia Latina members blend Latin rhythms and American classics to deliver a unique sound that lead vocalist and keyboardist Francisco Aguayo, 50, describes as “international music.”


“We want to show them what Latin culture and how the music is like, and that it is a good choice,” Aguayo said. 


Together, Aguayo and his band members, Leo, Susan, and Jhony, have been performing since June 2000.


Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Aguayo moved from Peru to the United States 25 years ago and currently resides in Chantilly, Va.


He has been playing music since he was 17 years old and, as he matured as a musician, he discovered the type of power music could have over people.



























“Making everyone happy and seeing them dance is one of the best things about performing,” Aguayo said.

Aguayo has always believed that music can bring people together to foster unity. His personal stance on the power of music inspired him to come up with the band’s name, Armonia Latina, which means peace and harmony.

“The name of our band reflects what we want to achieve and what we believe in as a group,” Aguayo said.

Performing together for 17 years, Armonia Latina has made a mark for itself.

The group performs every Friday at the La Granja De Oro restaurant in Falls Church, Va.

“We have a great time performing there each week and we are very appreciative of our fans,” Aguayo said.

Armonia Latina is also highly favored by individuals who have come out to support the annual Hispanic festival in past years, according to Diana Reyes, president of the Hispanic Association of Hagerstown.

“Everyone enjoys their lively performance and they’re one of the most popular groups to perform at the festival,” Reyes said.

Aguayo said the band’s goal is to continue to perform for fans as long as possible.


“As artists, we hope to continue performing in the future to make the music that our fans have grown to enjoy,” Aguayo said.

He hopes that through their music, they can help make lift people’s spirits.






















“As we play our music and watch people dance and sing, that makes us very happy to know that we made that happen,” Aguayo said.

The Hispanic festival is open to the public to enjoy other live bands. Activities will be held on-site, including a talent show and contest, kids corner and face painting.

Aguayo said he is grateful to be part of a mission to help educate and provide activities that promote the Hispanic culture.


The Hispanic Association of Hagerstown’s goal is to make the mission a reality and promote higher education among the Hispanic youth in the community.

“It is an honor to perform at the Hispanic festival and to know that we are supporting a greater cause in the community that will benefit so many people,” Aguayo said.

He said the band looks forward to performing at the festival.

“We always have a good time performing at the festival and we would love to keep performing there in the years to come,” Aguayo said.

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